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21112 Solar Pest Repeller

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Solar powered and safe for pets and children these two pest repellers are a chemical free, humane way to rid your lawns and gardens from burrowing pests. Weather resistant and work 24 hours a day against pests such as gophers, moles, voles, badgers, mice, ferrets and mongoose. The solar powered pest repeller works by emiting a sharp noise and vibrating at intervals 24 hours a day underground to irritate the pest to keep it away. The noise and vibration is emitted underground so it won’t bother your pets or your peace in the yard. It is powered by a battery that is recharged by the solar panel on top of the pest repeller and can cover an area of up 7000 square feet. The Solar Pest Repeller installs in just minutes with the included ground stake. This item is constructed from heavy duty ABS plastic and is weatherproof. Stop your lawn from being churned up by burrowing animals with the Nature Power Solar Pest Repeller. This product features an amorphous solar cell on top of each Solar Pest Repeller that will work on sunny and overcast days and one rechargeable NiCd battery included. One year manufacturer’s warranty but with proper care can last for many years. Pack of twolength: 4.5height: 12.25width: 9

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