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ACS-0133 Tool Bag Pro Lift 4 K

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Skylotec is one of the leading manufacturers of personal protective equipment against falls and safety systems in the areas of Sport and Industry. We offer a comprehensive range of personal fall protection equipment and permanent fall protection which includes harness, batteries, charger, ropes and rescue equipment. We specialize in developing high quality and stable goods which makes your sporting activity even more interesting.
FeaturesTool Bag Pro Lift 4 K
Durable and Reliable
Protects against accidents
People can work safely and securely in high altitude
SpecificationsDiameter: 300 mm
Area of Application: Power Supplies / Transmission / Telecommunications, Wind Energy / Offshore Industry
Size: 300 x 600 mm
Contents: 40 l
Material: Polyamide
Weight: 2.12 lbs

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