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Cedar Complete Raised Garden Bed Kit with Greenhouse Cover 8′ x 8′

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Please note: Automatic Watering Systems are currently backordered by 2-3 weeks. Garden Kits are shipping without delays. Turn your raised garden bed into a three season greenhouse and extend your growing season! This 8′ x 8′ self-contained, wraparound garden features a removable greenhouse cover, plus a gate, fencing, and a large raised bed to grow fresh vegetables. Overview If you want to grow your own organic vegetables and you’re looking for a low-maintenance garden, this complete system may be perfect for you. Measuring 8 feet by 8 feet, this self-contained garden provides 45 square feet of planting space, and is perfect for a family of four. The greenhouse cover helps you start your garden early and protects your plants from frost. You can easily take off the greenhouse cover and framing in minutes. When the greenhouse frame and cover are installed, you can access the inside through a 30-inch wide by 78-inch tall doorway with closing zipper. Features & Benefits: Raised Garden Bed – Easily accessible raised beds are 20 inches tall. Soil fills right to the bottom. Great for growing all sorts of vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers. Greenhouse – Strong 1″ diameter black powder coated metal greenhouse framing, with 6mm low-density polyethylene cover with anti-UV and anti-fog properties. Cover includes venting with insect netting along the sides, front and rear of the greenhouse. Fencing – 33″ high fence panels backed with wire mesh screen, doubles as a trellis. Gate – Keeps pests from getting into your garden and eating your plants. Solid Cedar Construction – Durable 1.25″ untreated cedar lumber, naturally rot resistant. Hardware Included – Rust proof screws, brackets, and hinges. Assembly: You can assemble this garden/greenhouse kit yourself, or have a local handyperson follow the instructions and set it up for you. Assembly takes about 4-5 hours, and adding the soil (75 cubic feet) can take an additional few hours. Note that no digging is required as the entire structure sits directly on the ground. Select a sunny and level piece of land for your garden. All of our fencing sections are backed with 3/4″ wire mesh. When the fencing is delivered, the mesh is already affixed. So, it takes only minutes to attach the fencing sections to the garden beds. Up close, it looks attractive, but from a distance you can’t even see it. Due to its large size, this item is not eligible to be returned or canceled once it has shipped. If you have any questions, please reach out before your purchase. Optional Automatic Watering System: Located at the back corner of the garden, this automatic soaker hose watering system takes even the simplest of duties out of your hands. We use a digital battery operated controller that is very easy to use. A garden hose can be connected to the unit, or the hose adaptor can be removed so the irrigation unit can be tied into your existing irrigation system with piping. When the controller turns on, water seeps out through the 75 ft. soaker hose. Includes: Digital Battery Operated Controller – automatically waters your garden. Soaker Hose – lay hose around your plants, cover with a layer of mulch, and water seeps out when the controller turns on. Coiled Hose – conveniently mounted in the walkway of the fenced garden. Sprayer – attaches to end of the coiled hose. You can manually spray your plants if you choose to, or use the hose to wash your hands. Please note this irrigation system works best if your water pressure (psi) is between 10 and 80. If the psi is greater than 80, the programmable timer in our system could be damaged. We recommend purchasing a water pressure regulator that will take your water pressure down to 40 psi.

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