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Company SAF9798BL Disposal Recycling Center- 3-28 Gallon- 46in.x16in.x33in.- GY-BN

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Safco is connected to a potentially great experience. We’re on the job, making it easy to find the exact product solutions customers need and getting them shipped hassle free and on time. We’re on the job, designing quality products that ensure comfort and organization. We’re on the job creating positive experiences with our customers. Beyond their expectations in everything we do, we’re on the job. From products to process, we want our customers to thrive in their 9 to 5! Product solutions that fit the needs of the individual and the way they work and processes that make it easy to do business with us. Whether it’s creating a comforting, efficient work environment full of organizational solutions and comfortable seating or it’s creating a comfortable working relationship in which we do business the way they prefer, we’re committed to an ahhhhh inspired experience Recycling center features three separate 28 gallon bins under one lid to help keep recyclables sorted and all in one place. Decals are included to help customize the recycling center to fit your office needs. Recycling center is 100 percent recyclable and is made of impact-resistant and moisture-resistant polyethylene.

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