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Solar Address Sign with Dual Color LEDs, Numbers, and Letters N, S, E, W


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The GAMA SONIC Solar Address Light makes your home address visible from the street during the dark of the night. Durable enough to withstand any weather conditions, this solar address light can be mounted or installed in the ground and will last for years to come. Allow visitors, delivery drivers and neighbors to view your home address easier at night with the GAMA SONIC Solar Address Light. These outdoor solar lights are designed to illuminate automatically from dusk to dawn, with dual color bright/warm white LED lights that are better for the environment than their electrical outdoor address lighting counterparts. Easy installation and no wiring required makes this Solar Address Light the all in one solar yard light solution you’ve been looking for. Ground or wall mount this solar light and let the sun do the recharging in the daylight hours. GAMA SONICs Solar Address Light is constructed with a durable resin material, built to withstand extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow or high temperatures. Eliminate any communication issues that come from visitors trying to find your home at night by illuminating your home address with GAMA SONIC’s Solar Address Light.

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