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OMS010408-Brown Awaken Organic Tie Dye Scarf – Brown

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Flaunt your skin withthe softfeel of 100% Organic Cotton fabric and let itbreathethe pious nature. Theseluxurious organictie-dyescarvesarehand-dyed with 100% eco-friendly organic vegetable dyes. It’s made of soft, comfortable& breathable fabric and is perfect to be used asa fashion scarf.
This organic scarf helps reduce exposure to allergens and other irritants, giving a soft, comfortable feel against your skin. Peoplewith allergies and chemical sensitivity benefit from organic cotton clothing, as conventional cotton may retain harmful toxic residues. This piece is crafted with the revived, rich ancient art of Ayurvedic dying with medicinally-rich herbs. These herbs are renowned for their medicinal values and are a gift of nature; not a newfound process, it was a common practice in ancient India.
Lightweight and flowing, this tie-dyed scarf is made in a safe working environment in India. Size measures 74″ X 19″and itcomes infour naturalcolors. It requires gentle handwash in cold water usingorganic detergent.
SpecificationsColor: Brown

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