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Scent Crusher Room Clean Unit

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Keep your home, RV, or cabin smelling fresh and clean with the Scent Crusher® Room Clean Unit. Plugging in to any standard 110V AC outlet, this room deodorizer evenly distributes ozone particles across the room to eliminate unwanted odors, and destroy bacteria in 30 minutes or less. Variable output controls with adjustable timers keep you in control for your desired results, while a near-silent fan offers quiet operation. Recommended for smaller rooms of 500 sq. ft., this room deodorizer is ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, and kitchens. Manufacturer model #: 59361. Compatible with standard 110V AC outlets; Ultra-quiet operation; Variable output controls; Adjustable timers; Destroys odor-causing bacteria in 30 minutes or less; Ideal for rooms 500 sq. ft. or less;

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