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Womanizer X hansgrohe Wave Clitoral Stimulation Shower Head


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Discover wave after wave of pleasure from the intimate wonders of water, with this innovative, climax-inducing shower head from Womanizer. Designed to elevate your shower experience and transform your masturbation technique, the Womanizer Wave is equipped with interchangeable settings, patented technology and powerful jets for truly unique self-pleasure encounters. The first of its kind, the sleek and stylish Wave has been expertly engineered for your most intimate self-care regime. Boasting a lightweight ergonomic shape for comfortable, one-handed control, it is effortless to explore the deeply-gratifying sensations of water stimulation. Awaken your clitoris to a plethora of pleasure and choose from three different settings:• Powder Rain – a fine mist spray that treats your whole body to a relaxing and pampering experience.• Pleasure Whirl – optimized for moving, and surprising stimulation with a featherlight touch.• Pleasure Jet – a stronger, steadier, pulsating jet for more direct, targeted stimulation. Sensitivity and pressure settings can be easily adjusted using a discreet, movable slider that lets you play to your preferred intensity. With a universal, simple screw-on design, Wave is easy to install and fits most standard shower hoses (adapter available). Using up to 60% less water than regular shower heads, Wave benefits from sustainably-good technologies for guilt-free pleasure. Take your shower game to next-level satisfaction and feel like you’re walking on water. Womanizer Wave is the only thing your self-care regime has been missing.

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