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Bird-X BF Bark Free – Control Barking Dogs

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Since 1964, Bird-X has been the leader in producing humane pest & bird repellent products. We offer the most comprehensive line of bird control products that are eco-friendly (‘green’), environmentally-safe, non-toxic and non-harmful. Our bird deterrents range from state-of-the-art laser technology to ultrasonic / sonic bird control, goose and pigeon repellents, bird spikes, bird netting, animal sound repellers, and visual scare repellers. Control Barking Dogs – Train your dog or new puppy not to bark or control barking of neighbors dogs or strays. Sound sensor activates when it hears dog barking and shuts off when the barking stops. Twin dual speakers emit two proven-effective frequencies – ultrasonic sounds and lower sonic sound tones to stop dogs from barking permanently and humanely. Effective indoors or outdoors.

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